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High Protein Blueberry Pancakes and why Protein for breakfast and post workout is important!

We all have busy lives and we often to forget to fuel ourselves properly after or before workouts and then the day run’s away us, right?
Our workout nutrition is crucial for building and rebuilding muscles, so that the exercise you have just done isn’t wasted and you reap the full benefits!
Ellie our founder and strength & conditioning coach and nutritionist explains why..?
‘A serving of protein around your training is important for muscle protein synthesis, it will help your muscles to recover and build/rebuild. It is also important for you skin, hair, nails as well so not only do you need to allow your body to recover after training it will also support you through you day. You will of all heard that it will also help keep you fuller for longer if you include it in each of your meals!’
When we train early in the morning we are unlikely to have time before we train so that is why it is important to have a higher protein meal straight after prepped ready to go or make sure you have a good amount in your lunch.
A good serving is 20 -30g depending on what type of protein you are eating. Lucein the amino acid that impacts muscle recovery is found in higher doses in animal protein – this includes milk too. If you are vegan then you will need to aim for higher amounts as the intact from beans is lower.
But let’s not forget ‘CARBS’ we need our carbs after exercise just as much, to help replenish our glycogen stores which will also start our muscles recovering.
‘Pre-workout’ nutrition is a little more goal and sports specific – Ellie says, and she also adds that ‘when it comes to carbs the portion sizes vary to the person and training. But let’s go into carbs another time – you don’t always need to get caught up on grams and macros splits as long as you are having a good size portion of protein, with carbs and fats you will feel energised and fuller and refuelled – plus you will have the energy to go about the rest of your day.
These Blueberry high protein pancakes are great for post workouts. Ellie also suggests things like egg on toast, protein porridge or overnight oats or why not try a breakfast omelette wrap! For these recipes send us your request and we will fire you over our favourite five high protein breakfast options! FOR FREE!
Nutrition is key for reaching your goals and there isn’t a one size programme that fits all.
If you want to work with Ellie on a tailored approach to your fitness and nutrition then please contact her HERE.



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