About Us

It started with an idea that if we could make a difference to our health could we in some small way try to do the same to help make a difference for our planet?

Just as Feel Fit teaches and promotes long lasting change to your health, fitness & nutrition we now offer that change for your wardrobe.

Created and design with sustainability in mind our items are produced with ECONYL® regenerated nylon fibre made of pre and post consumer waste.

Our new SIGNATURE range of gym & leisure wear are timeless classic pieces. They are designed to make you feel good about yourself, your workout whilst doing your part to help preserve our planet. We aim to inspire you to be the healthiest, fittest and happiest version of yourself.

We all find fitness at different times in our lives and for different reason but we believe when you are physically strong it will carry over into every aspect of your life. By putting sustainability into every aspect of our lives, every choice we will get the right results.

STRONGER for you, STRONGER for our planet, STRONGER for our futures.


Meet Ellie our founder, find out more about her love for fitness, nutrition and all things that make you feel STRONG and confident, by checking out our Blogs or give us a follow on Instagram for daily motivation, fitness tips, recipes and keep up to date with what is going on. Did you know you can train with Ellie? She is an online strength & nutrition coach. Her passion is to help others to try become the best version of themselves by developing a good relationship with exercise, food and loving their bodies.