Our Manufacturers

Ethical, Responsible, Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Fair are all just some of the words Ellie our founder wrote down when first planning and looking to set up the Activewear side of Feel Fit.


Ellie's values and ethics are true to word and you can clearly see the synergy of all these values throughout the brand. 


When searching for the right manufacturers,

 Ellie knew it had to be one that treated their staff right. 


Our team in Bali pay over the minimum wage, providing holiday pay, sick pay, free medical insurance for their staff and families. Lunch breaks with meals, vitamins, water. 


The conditions are air conditioned, safe and clean - Ellie can confirm this is true having visited the factories and offices. And does each year to maintain a healthy and strong relationship. 


Not only do they do all of the above, but they also use less than the governments recommended amount of water when producing their products. 


They also donate money to charity each month. 


Their values really do align with Feel Fit’s and we are proud to use these guys. 

Bali Sustainable Factory