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Music - why is it so important?

Music why is it so important
Why is MUSIC so important?
AS I sit here and write this I have my music on and I often get lost in the track, start singing my heart out and get up and move, dance or jig – the Ellie jig is actually quite famous when I use to work in the gym.
I am sure I use to annoy a lot of you with my singing and dancing around the gym.. oh how I miss those days and will welcome them back bigger and better when we can..
But let’s take a look at why music is so important shall we, here are 5 reasons why we should all have music in our lives. Oh and just take a second to appreciate that fact you can actually hear it right..
We all come across music at some point, the radio the tv, on the street, in a car, a taxi ride, supermarket, adverts, at an event.
5 Reasons why Music Is So Important
  1. Music can improve your mental and physical health!
Yes I had to start with this one.
Music stimulates the brain which can in turn help with reducing stress, lifting your mood, pain relief, memory and even sleep. A Harvard study has shown that playing relaxing music can lower the heart rate and even the blood pressure after exercise. But I don’t know about you it can also raise it to when we are having a good old groove..
It can reduce anxiety, it can also connect people and become an antidote to loneliness.
  1. Music connects people…
Wherever you go in the world music connects people, it is understood and it speaks when words can fail. It is a universal gift that speaks to all. It is an art, an art form with human interaction at its very heart.
It can bring people together through their artistic flare, their talent of playing an instrument or dancing.
We all come together to sing and cheer our sporting teams along, we have all been known to tap our feet to the beat at an event or show or even when in the supermarket – no, just me?
We can celebrate through the sound of music..
  1. Music is a skill, a creativity..
Creating art of any form is inherently important, it helps us evolve, it helps society evolve.
We continuely need to create things through our experiences with the world. Whether that be art, technology, science, or music.
  1. Music is fun!
It helps lift our spirits, whether it is learning to read music, play an instrument, learn the lyrics, perform on stage or a good old sing along with friends, in the car or on social media – music is fun and will lift the weight we are all so often holding.
  1. Music makes kids smarter.
From a baby a parent will play music to children to help them sleep, soothe them, entertain them and educate them right. Musical experiences in a childhood can accelerate the brain development. A study shows that learning to play a musical instrument is correlated with better mathematical skills.
From young ages music ignites development in intellectual, social, emotional and motor skills, language skills and literacy.
Singing songs can help learn sounds and meanings of words, dancing can help kids learn motor skills and expression through rhythm.
Throughout our lives music can help immensely from learning to building friendships, from brining joy to connecting with people.
We all remember our first cassette or CD don’t we.. could you imagine going through the day without music? Have you been to a restaurant (not recently obvs!) without music, its just weird isn’t it?
Whether you have realised or not, music is everywhere in our lives.
Music helps us through our good days, our bad days, it helps us focus, heal, stay positive and motivated and can soothe us.
So now you have read this – what is the first thing you are going to do? Because to be honest while I wrote all of this – I had music on!
Now go and move, sing, dance and I hope this has resonated with you all.
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