Stronger in your lifts, perform better on your runs - mobility!!

Stronger in your lifts, perform better on your runs - mobility!!

Building a strong body is not just throwing some heavy weights, around right?

Working on your mobility will improve your lifting mechanics, posture and overall functional movement. Mobility is crucial for that full range of movement and without it you are putting yourself at risk if you are loading the weights too heavy!


Want to reap the benefits of a heavy a lift then you need to focus on the basics first. Thoracic and shoulder mobility will improve your posture, increase shoulder stability and it will ease any discomfort you may have on a daily basis from sitting, working and everyday life. Working on your hip, knees, wrist, and ankle mobility will mean you won’t rely on your spine to squat, you will be more powerful in your run walk and gym session. All your joints matter... and mobility is essential as it prepares your body for the stress you are about to put it under.




If you are not accessing what your joint functionality is and what it is doing then you are no longer getting stronger - you are simply strengthening a compensatory movement pattern and are putting yourself at risk of injury.


When is best to do your mobility? And is it the same as 'stretching'

The best time - when you wake up, before you do a workout, after you have been stationary for some time, take a break from sitting at a desk, laptop or PC and right before you go to bed - are all right times.


Mobility is not stretching!


Putting it simply flexibility or stretching is lengthening the muscle or allowing the muscle to stretch.


Mobility is the range of movement and allowing the joint to move. What to get stronger in your squat, your bench, your deadlift, running, hiking or walking? Then focus on your mobility, your joints ability to move and train this first.


You can join Ellie every morning at 8am for morning mobility here. Or if you have a movement pattern you want to improve then get in touch for some help here.


Move more, move well, stay strong and keep smiling!


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