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Love Your Clothes Like The Good Friends They Really Are.

Love your clothes like the good friends they really are!
Okay let’s get real – how often do you buy something wear it once, or not at all and ends up in the back of the wardrobe. Or you buy something wear it, it tears, or rips, doesn’t wash well and a couple of months later it is in poor condition.
It is crazy how we have an abundance of clothes, often cheap fast fashion items at our disposable.
Did you know if we were to keep wearing the clothes we purchase for an extra nine month, we could save an extra £5 billion a year in the cost of resources, supply, laundry and disposal?
Can we really make that much of an impact? Yes, we can – and here is some of our top tips in how to do so! Love Your Clothes
  1. Quality Over Quantity
Yes, as tempting as fast fashion really is, it is cheap for a reason. Most of these items aren’t made to last, they are harmful to our planet, people and more often than not animals too. We know that sometimes it is to do with affordability but if you can save up and spend that little bit extra and only buy once it will be kinder to your pockets, the planet and you. Trust us buy that sustainable item – it will last much longer and will be much more value for money!
  1. Take a Break From Your Washer
We are far from telling you to walk around in dirty clothes, but how many of you have washed an item after wearing it once? We know we have!
Freshly washed clothes are lovely to smell but are not so great for the environment. Make your carbon footprint smaller and keep it at the forefront of you mind.
  1. Take The Temperature Down
90% of the power used when using the washing machine goes towards heating the water. Leaving just 10% to actually power the drum and wash your clothes! Save energy, money and combine with the above you will make a small but impactful difference.
  1. Don’t Just Throw it Away!
Have you ever just chucked something away because of a small hole, broken zip or buttons falling off? Have you heard of Google or YouTube? We live in the 21st centaury lets try fixing it before discarding it straight away. Check out our last blog on how much clothes take up in our landfills and they aren’t going anywhere either!
  1. Refashion, Upcycle or Rehome Your Unwanted Items.
Find inspiring ways to refashion your items with altering, accessorising and combining them in a new way. Or check out some sites where you can sell, swap, share or donate to charity before just tossing them away.
We could continue but if you want more information or tips get in touch. We could talk for ages! But we hope you have learnt a couple of things but also that it has inspired you to change your ways and LOVE YOUR CLOTHES.
For now though – Stay STRONG for you, our planet and our futures!

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