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Green! It's the new BLACK.

Endless amounts of offers pushed in your face, across your social media platforms and thughts of how can they be this cheap.
It is an eco conscious persons worse nightmare, plastic packaging, mailing bags and quite frankly things we don’t really need right?
So Feel Fit wanted to do something different, we were inspired by Ikea and they idea of Buy It Back – a way in which to help people recycle their old furniture. Now we may not be that big, but we do believe we are small & mighty and that we can still make an impact by doing the right thing.
Whether you are looking to buy new activewear as a present or for yourself, we will now recycle or donate your old activewear for you. This is potentially giving someone else the possibility of new activewear whilst doing good for our environment too.
Did you know it can take anything from 20 -200 years for your old activewear to decopose in landfills? Crazy huh!
Send us your old or unwanted activewear, we know you have draws of it (we do!) and we will either recycle it or donate it to those who may not have the opportunity to buy new.
Recycle or donate your old kit, receive money of your new purchase and help the future of others and our planet!
Green – is definitely the new black!
Do something green this black Friday.

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