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Fearless Health

Fearless Health


Welcome to our new 8 week course that aims to show you inside ‘the matrix’. 

Understanding Diet Culture

Diet culture is all consuming and, as such, we live our lives by its rules, feeling out of balance with ourselves but never truly understanding why. This course is for anyone who has ever wondered why they can’t stop obsessing over food; has bounced from diet to diet without ever finding the one that works long term; has ever felt like a failure around food, exercise and healthy living.

Long term results

In this course, you will learn the facts behind body size, nutrition and body image whilst sharing stories, undertaking personal challenges and working on adopting a different mindset. 

This is not about losing weight in 8 weeks; this is about gaining better physical and mental health and an understanding of how to continue to improve that over a lifetime. 

Inside the matrix

Will you lose weight? Well, rather scarily we'll ask you to put that thought aside as we take you through the 8 weeks. That doesn't mean that we think weight loss is wrong, or that you'll never lose weight, or even that we want you to put the goal of weight loss aside for ever.  Rather, our goal for you is that you'll leave Fearless Health, with a true understanding of everything you need to know about body image, diets, nutrition and exercise; something the diet industry purposefully hides from you. Did you know that 95% of those who undertake a calorie restricted diet will be heavier in the 5 years following the diet than they were when they started? They're not designed for you to succeed, and yet it's you who feels like a failure when they do. 

The truth is, you need to see inside the matrix, understand the facts, heal your relationship with food, exercise and your body before you can even consider long term, successful weight loss. 

Food Freedom and Fearless Health

So, if you'd like to be able to eat any food again, free from the fear of how it will affect your body; if you'd like to put points, syns and MFP aside for the very last time; if you'd like to enjoy breakfast without wondering whether you've ruined your entire day; if you'd like to find the absolute joy in movement and exercise... 

Join us as we show you how you can finally find Fearless Health.


  • Mondays 8pm - 9pm
  • 18th Jan 2021
  • 8 weeks


  • Live on Zoom
  • Discussion, breakout groups, learning, experimenting and exploring
  • Facebook support group
  • WhatsApp broadcasts
  • Pre-reading/watching homework


  • £80 for full course


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