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Recently we have teamed up with CBPlus and have been using their products – as with most people when I first started using CBD I was a bit sceptical, my first experience I did think well that didn’t work – I tried the oil under my tongue and started with a lower %. I didn’t really think it worked at all.. I persisted and went to a higher dosage and I can now say I take daily, sometimes twice as whilst there are no magical sparks I do know it’s working. I am less anxious, my recovery from training is quicker, my muscles don’t ache as much and nor do my joints.


I am a little fussy with what I put in my body, I am not one for taking lots of meds and whilst I do take supplements I research and check everything that is in them. Having studied in nutrition and supplements and work in an industry where every supplement shoved in your face – it is key for me to make sure I know what I am taking. Why, well with a busy life coaching and running a business it is vital that I am on top form pretty much all of the time.


So as a coach I want to make sure I am taking and what I am recommending my students take is right.  


We asked CBPlus, do athletes need CBD?


If you want to harness the power of a natural super plant that has been around for centuries and don’t want steroids, opiates, hormones or a whole raft of drugs that require other drugs to offset side effects before we can take them – the answer is yes!


How does it work?

CBD works on the human body at a systemic and a cellular level, so it can be taken orally, absorbed under the tongue or applied to the skin.


CBD from a plant almost perfectly mimics endocannabinoids made in the human body and is essentially a signalling molecule used in all physiological systems - CBD can facilitate your body’s communication and regulation. The body is such a complex machine that it often develops faults, these can be irritating, chronic or in some cases life threatening. Dry skin, acne, hay fever, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis are all auto-immune conditions – the body gets it wrong.

CBD can help maintain or restore homeostasis caused by internal and external factors and is also naturally antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.


For me, my students, people who train or if you have a busy active lifestyle or anyone else reading this I am sure recovery, protection and repair is vital to us all, so we can optimism our performance and enjoyment of training and life right!

CBPlus have come up with products that protect us on the outside and the inside.. this is why..

Protection on the outside

Your skin is an incredibly complicated organ, with a multitude of different functions. It is also your primary barrier against infection so it needs to be kept in top condition - prevention and maintenance are vital to cope with damage caused intensive activity.

CBPlus have a number of skin care products such as hand cream, body wash, massage and suncream..Oh and don forget the all time favourite of ours the SOS cream.


We have tried and tested them all, the massage oil after our half marathons and training, the sun cream by someone who has super sensitive skin and the hand cream that has helped clear up very dry and problematic skin. We can honest ly say we are converted and not only does it do what we want to do, it has healing properties, it has a great smell and it fantastic to use.


So what about the inside we asked them..


Protection on the inside

Mental health should be an everyday issue, it isn’t necessarily crippling but even minor anxiety affects well-being and therefore performance. We all need more sleep, less anxiety and certainly less pain so CBD OIL taken orally, under the tongue morning and night, is the go-to natural solution for thousands of athletes all over the world.

Three simple words sum it up - It really works! We’ve committed ourselves to delivering safe and reliable CBD to the UK because we genuinely believe CBD can offer a low environmental and chemical impact solution to many common problems afflicting huge numbers of people.


We love what CBPlus stands for in health, sustainability, mental health and all round awesomeness. These products really do make a difference and if you would like to try them or find out more you can check them out on our site here or theirs here.


Powered by CBD and Feeling Fit x


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