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Break the Rules

Having a healthy relationship with food & your body is challenging at times – it’s hard work y’all!
We are being bombarded with healthy messaging and the world declaring diet obsession is at its fullest!
Time to obey the food police and conform… or is it?
Did you know that you can eat food, exercise and be happy? Oh yes that’s right.
Having a healthy relationship with food and exercise is key to mental and physical health. You can start this healthy relationship by breaking the rules and not restricting your food! It may even help you reach those goals you have set if you do? Exercise should be a celebration of what your body can do. And it comes in all forms, it could be walking, hiking, running, swimming, lifting weights or all of it.
Another spoiler for you – it may change, it may not work the first time or the second but we are all out here figuring our shit out so give it a go! You will feel better for trying.
RIGHT now you are able to do what you want, you are able to work hard, start a new hobby, project, job, new goal or the same goal – just do it– it’s time for the REAL work to begin!

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